• All rentals require a deposit which is fully refundable when the products are returned in the same condition they were rented in.

  • Deposit and rental fee are payable at the time the product is picked up.

  • If delivery is required, there is a delivery fee which is determined by the location the product is being delivered to.

  • If you are interested in renting vases and/or cylinders, tell us your vision for the decoration and we will put the decoration together for an additional fee.

  • Don't see what you're looking for? Call (410) 925-1086 or e-mail and we'll try to find what you're looking for, purchase it, and then rent it (within means).

  • I have accounts with linen companies and can get your linens. We can also install chair covers, fold napkins, and put on table linens. Call for pricing.

  • If you need help with putting together decorations, favor boxes, invitations, etc., call for a price.


Cake Stand (18")  $25.00

Sea Shell Place Card Holders          25-cents each

Wanderful Centerpieces (various colors)  $25 each

Taller size - $35 each

Seashell Table Number Holders    50-cents each

Cobalt (Teal) Chargers         $1.00 each